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Welcome to The Battle Standard


At The Battle Standard you’ll find all the tools, resources, and amenities to comfortably engage in and enjoy all of your favorite tabletop strategy games. Since opening our doors in early 2010 we have consistently grown Connecticut’s gaming community year after year. We have expanded twice since that time, each time, doubling our space to accommodate a larger game floor and more retail space for additional product ranges.

Our current location, East Windsor, CT, is the largest yet, but we still hold true to our original business model of SPECIALIZING in Miniature Games, Board Games, Card Games, and Role-Playing Games whilst offering plenty of space to comfortably enjoy each genre. Our mission is to knowledgeably introduce patrons to the games we sell and cultivate a friendly local gaming scene through events, activities, and open game play. We want to bring tabletop gaming to the popularity of other entertainment sources, like that of computer and console gaming.

What Our Customers Say...

“Amazing Hobby store. All staff incredibly knowledgeable and always looking to help out when needed. Community is amazing as well. I drive an hour just to shop and game at this store in particular!”
Nathan C.
“Very nice man behind the counter who was very attentive but not so much that you feel like you are being pressured into a purchase at all. Other customers in the store seemed to have a friendly relationship with the owner and I could see why. He was very personable and I cannot wait until I return to the store to make more purchases. If, like me, you were looking for a place to get all of your Magic/DnD/tabletop stuff, I think you’ve found it. I look forward to giving them my continued business and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Michael M.
“Jared and his dream that is this store is the ultimate homage to everything that is Magic the Gathering and Table top gaming, PERIOD! From CUSTOM BUILT GAMING TABLES to the CUSTOM BUILT MAGIC THE GATHERING CARD FILE DŔAWERS, THE BATTLE STANDARD IS THE FUTURE OF TABLE TOP STORES ANYWHERE! The Battle Standard is a stop on a vacation trip or a Tabletop vacation in itself to visit and revisit as an amusement stop attraction!”
Big Bear
“Great gaming environment, excellent inventory for role and war gaming as well. I am very intrigued by their in house, massive, D&D campaign. If you are a gamer you need to check this place out!”
David K.
“It's good, clean fun. Nothing but memorable experiences at the Battle Standard.”
Robert C.
“This has to be the preeminent tabletop and gaming store, truly something special. Owner was very kind, as were the community of gamers. Selection was huge, and the dedication to making the space an experience really paid off - I was genuinely just excited to see everything. Nice to know places like this exist, worth visiting if you're passing through or if you're looking for an LGS.”
Charles B.
“An amazing store and welcoming space, they have pretty much everything a table top gamer could be looking for, highly recommend checking this place out if your within an hour drive! The staff are super friendly and helpful.”
Pride G.
“Played an Age of Sigmar event here. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Staff are very knowledgeable. Store was very well lit, and clean. Everything is well organized and laid out to keep everyone safe.”
Dan B.