Garrison 21 Endurance Challenge

What is GARRISON 21 you ask? Well it’s New England’s favorite OVERNIGHT endurance challenge and hobby competition! Read the details below and see if you have what it takes to saddle up to the hobby table for 21 hours!

THE Tabletop Miniature Game Enthusiast’s 21-Hour Challenge & Competition

Are you prepared to hunker down and test your limits? To pit yourself against your peers in a challenge of endurance and a hobby competition that awards you with the prize that you get to chose from the start? The task at hand is likely nothing that you haven’t done before. Simply unbox, assemble, base, prime and paint a selection of miniatures of your choosing. What’s the catch? The clock is ticking! You have 21 hours…


Part 1 – The Challenge (Basics):
  • Select an amount of miniatures (15 or more bases, or vehicles, of any size, max MSRP dollar amount of $650.00) that you believe you can complete from box-to-battle in 21 hours or less.
  • Purchase these miniatures at The Battle Standard no less than four(4) weeks before the competition day to guarantee arrival of manufacturer in-stock items.
  • Your miniatures will sealed from the manufacturer and waiting for you upon arrival the day of the event.
  • Unbox, assemble, base, prime, paint (to a 5 color minimum, plus basing) before the clock runs out (21 hours).
  • Receive a series of store credit rebates as the challenge progresses and a final significant rebate if you make it until the end and meet the challenge completion criteria.
Part 2 – The Competition (Basics):
  • Participate in the Challenge as stated above.
  • Win “judges choice” for best overall result.
  • Along with your selection of miniatures that you have now completed for the tabletop you will receive a rebate gift card for THE TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE of your entry.


  1. Participants enter by making an “Entry Purchase” exclusively from The Battle Standard. An Entry Purchase must consist of a minimum of fifteen (15) miniatures. Any single individually packaged, or based, model counts as one (1) miniature regardless of cost, size, or type. (ie. a 10 troop squad counts as 10 miniatures. A single vehicle with a pilot only counts as one miniature unless the pilot can be removed and based for individual play in which case that would count as two miniatures). The total Entry Purchase for the event may not exceed $650.00 MSRP). All miniatures MUST be purchased in advance by ordering no later than 21 days prior to the event else the participant must choose from in-stock items only. There are no refunds for this event entry so please be sure you can participate prior to placing an order for your Entry Purchase.
  2. Entry Purchase items will be under lock and key at The Battle Standard and distributed ONLY at the start of the event, no exceptions.
  3. Participants will be timed using our Rebate Clock and designated Rebate Markers. The Rebate Clock is a 21 hour timer that times the event and indicates when the participants have qualified for each Rebate Marker. The Rebate Markers are predetermined times throughout the competition where the participants that have not dropped out will receive a rebate on their original purchase in the form of store credit.
  4. Rebates are earned as follows…

An Example… “Jared decides that he is going to use this event to start his new Adeptus Astartes army! He purchases $400.00 worth of Adeptus Astartes at The Battle Standard. He makes the decision knowing that he MUST build and paint (to a 5 color minimum, plus basing) all the miniatures in his Entry Purchase, within the allotted 21 hours, to qualify as having beat the challenge and receive the final award of 15% (#7). He also is automatically able to participate in the competition side of the event, so he hopes to win the judges over with his entry at the end. His initial Entry Purchase of $400.00 MSRP is the number used to determine his Rebate Marker rewards.

Jared begins alongside fellow challengers/competitors with his sealed new-in-box miniatures in front of him and all the tools and accessories he requires to complete the job. After tearing into the boxes, clipping away at the sprues, and removing all the flashing, he easily makes it to the first Rebate Marker.. only 3 hours into the event. He now qualifies for 1% back in store credit on his entire purchase. Jared receives $4.00 credit added to his gift card award tally and is free to leave the event and retain that award at this time. He chooses to press on.

At 6 hours in he achieves his second rebate marker granting him 2% back on the TOTAL Entry Purchase cost. 2% of $400 is $8.00 and thus combined with his first rebate marker he has been awarded $12.00 total. This process continues as Jared reaches the next 2 Rebate Markers earning an additional $12.00 award (3% of $400) for Rebate Marker #3 and again at #4 where he receives $16.00 credit (4% of $400). Jared now has a store credit of $40.00 ($4 + $8 + $12 + $16). This completely pays for one of the items he purchased and he is only half way through!

At the next interval Jared is still awake and refusing to give up! 15 hours in, at Rebate Marker #5 he receives 5% back on his initial $400.00 Entry Purchase which is an additional $20.00 for a total on his gift card of $60.00 (previous $40 + $20)! Eyes still open, he pushes on to Rebate Marker #6 for a second 5% and another $20.00 credit. By Rebate Marker #6 Jared has accumulated an award total of $80.00 (previous $60 + $20)!

One…final…push… is needed to defeat the challenge at Rebate Marker #7. Despite bloodshot eyes, a cramped hand, a flayed brush, and a mouth full of paint water (“D’oh! That’s not coffee!”)… VICTORY!!! Jared has made it 21 hours and the judges check his models agreeing that he has met the 5 color minimum on everything in his original Entry Purchase. He has officially beaten the challenge and his reward is the roar of the crowd, some much needed sleep, and of course the final Rebate Marker for a whopping 15% off the original Entry Purchase! That’s an additional $60.00 which is added to his previous rebates of $80.00 for a total of $140.00 returned in store credit!

Jared spent $400.00 on his new army but did it through entering into Garrison 21. He ends the challenge with $140.00 in store credit, and a $400.00 army of fully painted Adeptus Astartes Space Marines!


It’s not over yet! Jared has also qualified for the competition aspect of the event and after careful scrutiny the judges have selected a winner. The overall best result is…JARED!!! Jared is awarded the remainder of the full Entry Purchase in a store credit. He leaves the event with $400.00 in store credit AND $400.00 worth of fully painted Space Marines!”

That is GARRISON 21!

Official Challenge/Competition Rules:

  1. Amount of miniatures (15 or more, $650 MSRP max purchase price) must be ordered 21 days in advance at The Battle Standard (or attending location).
  2. All purchases for the event will be held by TBS Staff until the event day with no exceptions.
  3. You may only remove the packaging once the clock starts on the event day.
  4. You must Unbox, Build, Base, Prime and Paint (5 color minimum, plus basing) each selection in order to qualify for completing the challenge AND to qualify for the competition judging.
  5. Challengers that endure the time shown on the Rebate Marker Chart (see Rebate Markers #1-#6) will receive a gift card credit in the amount of the corresponding % of the original cost of their selections purchased (MSRP). Rebates are cumulative and are always calculated on the original purchase price.
  6. Those that endure the entire 21 hours of the event AND all of their selections meet the fully assembled, based and 5 color minimum paint scheme as judged by TBS staff, will receive an additional rebate in store credit (see Rebate Marker #7) in the amount of 15% of the original cost of their selections purchased.
  7. Judging for the competition aspect of the event will be completed by the store staff immediately after the event.
  8. Competition judging is based on the overall result of the competitors work. It includes but is not limited to: the scope of work completed, the number and size of models completed, conversion work and kitbashing, and the quality of assembly, basing, and painting.

Official Prizing and Awards:

  • All challengers that stay the 21 hours and end with a 5 color minimum on their selections will receive the Rebate Marker Chart (above) percentage discounts on their initial Entry Purchase issued in store credit on a Gift Card.
  • The winner of the competition aspect of the event as judged by TBS staff will receive an event award AND an additional rebate in store credit equal to the remainder of their Entry Purchase. The total rebate ultimately to equal 100% of their Entry Purchase.


  1. Can I bring bitz and previously purchased parts from home to add to my entry? No, unfortunately. The reason being is that if you are bringing items from home they may be clipped and de-flashed prior to the event allowing for an advantage over other participants. In addition, the entry fee for the event and the prizing the participants receive is all based off of the Entry Purchases made. To be a successful event for the store and the participants we ask that you please adhere to the spirit of the event in this regard. Anything NOT available at TBS for purchase MAY be permitted however it must be approved in advance. Approvals must be made in person and 14 days prior to the event date. See store Staff for more information.
  2. Can I bring my airbrush? Yes! All hobby tools and accessories are permitted. HOWEVER… loud compressors may be disruptive and thus not permitted to be used. Make sure you have a nice quiet compressor and please notify staff if you plan to bring your airbrush so we can seat you accordingly.
  3. What does “5 colors minimum, plus basing” REALLY mean? On your miniature, completely separate from the basing, you must display 5 distinct colors. They typically would be something like a base coat, shade, layers, and 2 colors for details like, eyes, pouches, emblems, etc.
  4. Can we bring Water Transfers / Decals from home? Yes! We do permit decals in all varieties and from any sources to be brought from home and used for this event.



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