How to Get Into Warhammer 40K

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May. 222024

Welcome to the thrilling universe of Warhammer 40K, a captivating miniatures game set in a grim, dark future where endless war rages across galaxies. Whether you’re drawn to the strategic gameplay, the creative aspect of painting and assembling miniatures, or rich, expansive lore, Warhammer 40K offers an immersive experience. Join the Warhammer community at The Battle Standard and open up a world of adventure, where every battle tells a story and every player can leave their mark on the galaxy.

What is Warhammer 40,000?

Warhammer 40,000, abbreviated as Warhammer 40K, is a detailed, tabletop miniature-based wargame developed by Games Workshop. Set in a dystopian science fiction universe known as the grimdark future, where interstellar travel is possible and various species clash across the galaxy, the game offers a stark vision of a war-torn cosmos teeming with alien races, rogue artificial intelligence, and supernatural threats. Players collect, build, and paint miniature figures that represent soldiers, creatures, and vehicles of these warring factions.

Each game of Warhammer 40K is played using miniatures, dice, and rulebooks that guide the complex interactions between models on the battlefield. Players use strategic thinking to deploy their armies and navigate through the game’s various phases, including movement, psychic powers, shooting, and close combat. The outcomes of these actions are typically determined by dice rolls, adding elements of chance that can sway the battle unpredictably.

Integral to Warhammer 40K is its rich lore, which is detailed in numerous rulebooks, novels, and magazines. This backstory provides context and depth to the game, enhancing the immersion by framing each skirmish as part of a larger narrative. These extensive narratives explore themes of honor, power, corruption, and survival, making every game session not just a battle, but a story unfolding in a vividly imagined world.

Getting Started with Warhammer 40K

Embarking on your Warhammer 40K journey begins with choosing a faction that resonates with your style and interests. Each faction, from the heroic Space Marines to the diabolical Forces of Chaos, has its own unique backstory, play style, and aesthetics. This choice will shape your experience, tactics, and the type of army you build. As you delve into the lore of each faction, consider what aligns best with your preferred narrative and gameplay approach.

For newcomers, purchasing a Combat Patrol Box is an excellent starting point. These boxes are specifically designed to provide a well-rounded, balanced army that complies with the matched play rules and points limits suitable for beginners. Each box contains everything you need to start playing, including a variety of units that introduce you to the fundamentals of army building and combat strategy without overwhelming complexity.

Combat Patrol Boxes are available at a range of retail outlets and online retailers. You can also find them at local tabletop gaming stores like The Battle Standard that not only offer these boxes for purchase but also serve as vibrant community hubs where new players can find guidance and support. Staff can help provide valuable insights and tips on starting your collection, learning to play, and even painting your miniatures. The Battle Standard also hosts game nights and tutorials, which are perfect for practicing your skills and meeting other players.

Building Your First Army

Embarking on the creation of your first Warhammer 40K army is an exciting step into the strategic and creative world of tabletop wargaming. Start by selecting a faction that not only appeals to you aesthetically but also fits your preferred style of play. Each faction has its unique units and strategies which can dramatically influence your approach to battles.

Once you’ve chosen your faction, you’ll want to learn about the different unit types and their roles within the army. Warhammer 40K armies consist of various units, each serving specific functions such as melee combat, ranged attacks, or support roles. Understanding these roles and how they complement each other on the battlefield is crucial for building an effective army.

Next, the assembly and painting of your miniatures not only bring your forces to life but also make the gaming experience more personal and immersive. Begin with a starter kit, which typically includes a variety of units to form the core of your army. Follow the assembly instructions carefully, and don’t rush—patience is key. Once assembled, you can start painting them. Painting your miniatures is a rewarding experience that allows you to customize the appearance of your army. Use colors that match your faction’s theme or go wild with your designs to make your army stand out on the battlefield.

Remember, painting doesn’t just add aesthetic value; it also enhances your connection to the game and your army. Many players find this creative aspect as engaging as the gameplay itself. Whether you’re meticulously detailing a lone hero or swiftly brushing a squad of troops, each stroke adds character and depth to your story on the battlefield.

Learning the Rules and Gameplay

Diving into Warhammer 40K begins with mastering its rules and understanding the gameplay structure, which is essential for anyone starting their journey in this dynamic miniatures game. The game is played on a tabletop battlefield, where players maneuver their painted armies in a series of strategic conflicts, each aiming to outwit and outplay their opponent.

The setup process involves placing terrain on the game board to create an engaging and tactical landscape. Players then position their armies on the board, following specific deployment rules from the scenario being played. Warhammer 40K offers various missions with different objectives and victory conditions, which are detailed in the game’s rulebook.

Each game turn in Warhammer 40K is divided into distinct phases, which must be followed in sequence:

  • Movement Phase: Players move their units across the board within the limits of each unit’s movement abilities.
  • Psychic Phase: Players with psychic units can attempt to manifest psychic powers that can buff allies or debuff enemies.
  • Shooting Phase: Units with ranged weapons attempt to hit and wound enemy units in shooting attacks.
  • Charge Phase: Units may attempt to charge into close combat with enemy units.
  • Fight Phase: Engaged units fight in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Morale Phase: Units that have suffered heavy casualties may flee the battlefield due to failing morale.

Matched play is designed for balanced, competitive gaming, where players use armies of equal point values, ensuring fairness and strategic depth. Objectives vary by mission but generally involve controlling key points on the map or eliminating enemy units to score victory points.

Embracing the rules and regularly engaging in gameplay with seasoned players can help you learn quickly and enhance your skills in Warhammer 40K. Whether through reading the rulebook or participating in community play, each session is a step forward in mastering the game.

Play Warhammer at The Battle Standard

Warhammer 40K is more than just a game; it’s a gateway into a vibrant community where creativity and camaraderie flourish. The community offers numerous opportunities through forums, social media groups, and local gaming events where you can join tournaments or casual play sessions. 

Being part of this community not only enhances your skills and knowledge but also connects you with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for the vast, war-torn universe of Warhammer 40K. To truly dive into the expansive universe of Warhammer 40K, visit The Battle Standard, your local tabletop gaming store

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