Embrace the Creative Spirit: Join Us for Our Hobby Game Store Competition!

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Aug. 162023

Greetings, fellow hobbyists and enthusiasts! The time has come to celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship that bring our miniatures to life. We, at The Battle Standard Tabletop & Hobby Game Store, are thrilled to announce the annual BATTLE CRY Hobby Competition – a showcase of talent, creativity, and camaraderie that defines our beloved tabletop gaming community.

Mark Your Calendars: September 14th

Clear your schedules and prepare your finest works because on September 14th, our doors will open to welcome you to a day filled with awe-inspiring displays and the thrill of friendly competition.

Categories that Fuel Your Passion

The heart of the BATTLE CRY Hobby Game Store Competition lies in the diverse categories that allow you to exhibit your skill and passion. Let your imagination soar as you bring your creations to life in the following categories:

  1. Sci-Fi Small Model: Show us your mastery over small-scale creations – from single foot troops to petite creatures. Top 3 winners in this category will claim a magnificent full-size trophy.
  2. Sci-Fi Large Model: For those who thrive on a larger canvas, present your single vehicles or monstrous creatures that dominate the battlefield. The top 3 will walk away with a prestigious full-size trophy.
  3. Fantasy Small Model: Let the realm of fantasy take center stage as you unveil your finely detailed small models. A full-size trophy awaits the top 3 winners.
  4. Fantasy Large Model: Make a statement with your grandiose fantasy entries – be it a single vehicle or an imposing creature. The top 3 achievers will grace their collection with a full-size trophy.
  5. Unit / Squad: Showcase your strategic prowess with cohesive units or squads that tell a compelling story. Capture the essence of teamwork and strategy for a chance to win a full-size trophy.
  6. Diorama / Extended Base: Unleash your creativity in this free-for-all category, creating miniaturized scenes that showcase the interaction between your models and their environment. The top 3 entrants will claim a full-size trophy.
  7. Open: Embrace the opportunity to go beyond boundaries in this open category. Let your imagination run wild and submit entries that speak to your unique style. The top 3 will earn a coveted full-size trophy.
  8. Kitbash / Conversion: Showcase your talent in the art of transformation by submitting your unpainted kitbash or conversion projects. Highlighting construction integrity and design, this category promises recognition with a full-size trophy for the top 3.
  9. Staff & Last-Year’s-Trophy-Holders Showdown: A thrilling showdown awaits our staff and the talented winners of last year’s BATTLE CRY Hobby Competition. With a public vote deciding the victor, the top 3 will carry home a full-size trophy as a badge of honor.

Be Part of the Tradition

As with every great tradition, the BATTLE CRY Hobby Competition is a platform that brings our community together. It’s a day to exchange insights, share techniques, and marvel at the boundless creativity that blooms within our midst.

Please note that categories are subject to change before the event day, ensuring that every entrant has an opportunity to shine in their preferred category. Learn more on the rest of our website

So, fellow hobbyists, prepare your finest masterpieces, polish your storytelling skills, and join us on September 14th for an unforgettable day of creativity, competition, and camaraderie. Let’s celebrate the art of miniature modeling that brings our shared passion to life. We can’t wait to see you there, ready to showcase your prowess and claim the ultimate prize – the coveted BATTLE CRY trophy, a masterpiece in its own right! For more information on everything our hobby game store offers, be sure to check out more of our website or give us a call with any questions at 860-254-5111

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